Somebody Up Here Likes Me | Classic Image of Pier Angeli with a Beret

I would have had the pleasure of inviting you to a James Bean film. Before Dean was possible to play the role of Rochy Graziano in Somebody Up There Likes Me, he died, without participation in a boxing film. It’s tragic we did not see James Dean in a boxing film, but the very experience was not worse by his absence. It’s an illustrious film that showcased the cinematic excellence of Paul Newman. In addition to the structure of the film, surprising appearances will also make your head explode.

Steve McQueen, the starring role in the big screen for the first time, was scouted by the director Robert Wise on one street. He saw Steve on a street of New York, and decided to cast him as a street tough. It’s a satisfying film, in which McQueen played the breakout role with unassuming but vigorous energy.

Fidel, together with Rocky (Paul Newman) and Romolo (Sal Mineo), often was seen palling around, committing thefts and assorted tomfoolery in the 1950s’ NYC. It is interesting as to the point of being pornographic. They almost stole everything beginning with an “a” in their lives, such as a piece of fruit, a bike, a watch and the like. Another uncredited but surprising performances could be rest on shoulders of the scumbag Frankie Peppo, who was played by a very young and handsome Robert Loggia. Similar to Mc Queen, Somebody was his breakout performance and he also spares no efforts to play the boy.

The young girl playing by Pier Angeli also added to this list as the daughter of Rocky later. Have you seen the detective bouncing around the film regularly? Frank Campanella only had not worked in TV series until Somebody. The film was regarded as the jumping off point in his whole screen career.

Prior to play in the biopic directed by Robert Wise, Paul Newman was only a common actor in feature film. Though the Silver Chalice was not successful enough, witnessed Newman play opposite actress Pier Angeli. Then the two young stars subsequently played romantic leads in Somebody. In the very beginning, the property was bought for James Dean while he died suddenly. The Newman was borrowed from Warner Bros. In the film, several images with a beret hat came as a freeze-frame pictures in hearts of people.

In the biography of Graziano, the film tell some legendary experiences of the actor – from a teen hoodlum to adult troublemaker to exceptional athlete and family man. Then, the young actor was aware it was a meaty role and took good advantages of it. In order to know more about Rocky, he spent much time on playing card with Rocky, hanging out at night. Speaking words in thick NYC accent, Craziano argued after release of the film that Paul Newman played him well.

Even Graziano was took to acting class with Newman. In the film Somebody Up Here Likes Me, Craziano stopped fighting but appeared on television, with a humorous and entertaining sports personality.

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