Little Beret & Starring Role

Do not hesitate to get a multifunctional beret. No one could critic your outfit with a beret. With the comeback of berets, more and more fashionistas would like to get them for more fashionable outlooks. Some lazy bones also could reconsider to choose berets in full swing in winter. In spite of contrary critics from French beauties, trend setters could break new ways belonging to themselves. After new appearances on stage of some famous shows like Gucci, Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent, berets also sweep many streets of New York City, establishing themselves in a short time. Some also find that berets are such great solutions to keeping warm in winter, not worse than beanies.

Berets are magic enough to turn the most basic outfits to alluring outlooks. In various condition, berets could turned bad outlooks to attractive looks from time to time, considering both warmth and fashion. In summer, berets matching t-shirts or jeans are all good choices for outdoor looks.

Decade years ago, some famous and elegant actresses have tried outlooks with berets, leaving impressive memories at the bottom of hearts in the world. Marilyn Monroe was also one film star among numerous super stars. In the 1950s, she was regarded as the most popular sexy symbol and a trailblazer who lead the attitudes towards sexuality.

Before unexpected death in 1962, she earned $200 million (equivalent to $2 billion) in total before paying taxes. In general, she was a famous actress deserving the top-billed sexy actress. Even 50 years’ later, she still holds the honor of the popular culture icon. She married at the age of 16 against her special background – born and raised in foster homes and an orphanage. In 1944, she was introduced to a photographer on occasion and take the post of a pin-up model. The long-term cooperation with Fox was established after several trivial characters.

She grown into a well-known actress with several characters in films, such as As Young as You Feel, Monkey Business, and in the dramas Clash by Night and Don’t Bother to Knock. Unfortunately, she was involved in nude-photo scandals while more people all over the world were attracted for the scandals. In general, scandals involving rude photos and sexualities could tarnish or even damage the whole career of a star. On the contrary to general estimation, the rude-photo scandal involving Marilyn Monroe won her more attention to her works.

She was assessed as the most marketable actress by 1953. Although having tried several different characters in films, the management of her image was ended with failure and underpayment. Due to these disappointing factors, she experienced brief suspension and played the one of the most successful box office film – The Severn Year Itch in her career. At that time, the studio still was unwilling to amend contracts for Marilyn Monroe. In 1955, she devoted to form her own company and studied related knowledge at the Actors Studio. She also won a critical and commercial success for the film Golden Globe for Best Actress.

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