Italian Actress – Pier Angeli

Pier Angeli, a famous Italian actress, debuted in the film Teresa in 1951. In the autobiography of Kirk Douglas, he fell in love with Angeli on the set of the movie The Story of Three Loves, which was set in 1953. Besides, Angeli broke up with James Dean after a brief romantic relationship for her mother’s strong opposes.

Angeli married a singer and actor Vic Damone in 1954 while divorced only after four years. Although the couple appeared as guests in What’s My Line, both grabbed the custody of their only child when they would like to divorce. Though having experienced several stumble marriages, she leaved many impressive films and other works. The Story of Three Loves is one of them. The films consists of several unrelated stories regarding a common element, containing an all-star cast. In the early 1950s, inspired by successes of many European omnibus films, American tackled a few of its own, such as The Story of Three Loves (1953), and the flag-waving It’s a Big County (1951).

Following European model, the film involves many popular elements like international casts, art-film pretensions, and sumptuous scenes in London, Roma and Paris. Despite large part of the charm and talent in front of or behind the camera, the film is entertaining to a large extent.

The connections among three unrelated stories lie in characters of each story board a ship headed for United States, recollecting what brought them there.

The Jealous Lover

A choreographer played by James Mason meets a gifted dancer played by Moira Shearer, and creates and ballet with her.


But Shearer is banned to dance for her heart condition while she once played a worldwide sensation with her first movie. The Scottish ballerina cut a striking figure by the film The Red Shoes, which was filmed in 1948. Most of critics do not believe The Jealous Lover was a good rehash of The Red Shoes. Though Mason as the demanding taskmaster, both addicted to Shearer’s dancing. It would be the only American film of Shearer.


Leslie made a starring debut in Vincente Minnelli, a second story of the eponymous “Mademoiselle”. The leading character Mademoiselle is responsible for the studies of a boy aged 11, yeaning romance and intending to catch the attention from a ward. The 11-year-old boy encountered a weird fairy godmother, with surprising consequences for both him and the governess. In 1953, Caron won an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. Her performances in the two films are the most memorable two in many works.



In the third episode, the guilty trapeze artist lost his partner in an event. Then the war widow played by Pier Angeli became his new partner. Some critics believed the part as the best among three episodes. Douglas met with the fearless Pier Angeli, and he falled in love with her before long. Excluding the all-star gloss, the Story of Three Loves were too arty for the general public. Certainly, it was not a success film at the box office.

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